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Custom Workout Plans

US $99

I offer a range of custom workout plans from strength, to size and fat loss. I have spent years living and breathing training and I’ve experimented with the best exercises, tools and protocols to elicit the exact effect that we’re looking for. Whatever your goal my custom workout plans have got you covered.


Maximum strength (advanced)


My maximal strength plan is for someone who wants to get strong AF without gaining much weight.


With all my programs the focus is on primal movements. These big compound, multi joint exercises place the largest stress on our nervous system which disrupts homeostasis, this is how we gain strength and grow in the fastest time.


This program is only for someone who is an established trainee as working with heavy loads through the full range of motion can cause injuries if you are a beginner.


This program will test your mental resolve, you will feel sore and it will challenge you physically by lifting such heavy loads but if you follow the program correctly you will see significant increases in strength.


Serious size


My serious size plan is for someone who wants to put on serious size and fast.


This plan focuses on the BIG 5 – these top exercises promote fastest gains in lean muscle along with strict rest intervals to stimulate maximum muscle growth.


Fat loss protocol


My fat loss protocol is for someone who is mostly concerned with losing fat and fast. While following this plan its not unusual to gain strength and muscle tone as well as losing fat too.


The programme is for all trainees who are interested in losing fat, but just as importantly want to keep strength and, all your hard earned muscle. The way we do this is by using a combination of supersets, drop sets, pre and post exhausts.


Metabolic resistance training



My metabolic conditioning training plan is for someone who wants it all. Size, strength and rapid fat loss .


There are many metabolic resistance or HIIT training protocols that you can follow which will produce great fat loss but unfortunately they usually end up in loss of muscle and significant loss in strength.


The reason my protocol is different is we work across low, medium and high rep ranges , using PRIMAL compound movements and we allow minimal rest to keep the intensity sky high.


Be warned, my primal MR training is not for the faint hearted or for the beginner trainer. It places a large demand on our central nervous system (which is where the magic happens) but also increases our need for rest. It is both mentally and physically tough but if you can follow the protocol correctly, manage your bodies stress response and on your rest days, rest the rewards are hard to beat.


Our aim is fiercely high intensity. Give it everything you’ve got and leave nothing in the tank.

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